Simon Griffieon

Simon is a Research Assistant at the chair of Digital Building Technologies, Institute of Technology In Architecture (ITA) of ETH Zurich.

His research focuses on enabling smarter design-to-fabrication workflows by linking digital information flows to physical systems. He has experience creating novel fabrication methods using industrial robots or Augmented Reality (AR) systems. His work emphasizes on creating accurate digital representations with the help of 3d scanning tools to gain more control during the design and fabrication process. Special interest is explored through the collection of large architectural and fabrication datasets through 3d scanning or crowdsourced data. He researches potential applications for these datasets with the help of machine learning, such as analyzing complex material behaviour and design by simulation. He is a tutor for the MAS program in Digital Fabrication (MAS DFAB). Simon holds both his BSc. and MSc. from Delft University of Technology and graduated in 2021 from the MAS DFAB at ETH Zurich. Before joining Digital Building Technologies (DBT) he worked in the field of spatial data science in Amsterdam.