Digital Metal: Deep Facade

Project Date: 2017/2018

Deep Facade explores the unique potential of 3D printing sand mould and casting metal for architecture. We combine these two fabrication methods to make the production of custom and complex structural metal parts possible and affordable.

This course of the MAS Digital Fabrication is a two-month collective project to design and fabricate a 1:1 installation. This year, the course addressed the topic of a contemporary facade casted in metal, investigating the synergy between the geometric freedom offered by 3D printing and the tectonic logic of cast metal. Students developed custom design tools to generate an algorithmic ornamental structure. The design of this structure plays with varying transparencies depending on the point of view and a graded filter of daylight, while integrating structural and fabrication constraints. The installation consists of 26 bespoke panels which are three dimensionally articulated and assembled to a 3.5m high wall – a deep facade.

Front view of Deep facade
Front view of Deep facade
3D printed sand mould and removal of lose sand.
cooling of molten metal in sand mould