Prōtóplasto – an ultra lightweight plastic media installation

Prōtóplasto is an ultralight media installation exhibited at the innovation hub “Futurama” in Aargau, Switzerland. It is created with a novel constructive system pairing two new technologies: an innovative 3D printing method for polymers with very high build up rates which are similar to concrete extrusion, and 3D printed connections whose bespoke geometry enables support-free […]


Tor Alva

Tor Alva (“Weisser Turm”) is a 30-meter tall, 3D-printed building situated along the Julier mountain pass in the remote village of Mulegns, Switzerland. Designed for Fundaziun Origen, the tower offers space for art installations and for music and theater performances. Visitors ascend a spiral staircase through a series of colonnades to reach the chamber stage […]


Digital Bamboo

The Digital Bamboo pavilion explores the innovative combination of a bio material with digital fabrication. Bamboo is an excellent sustainable building material, because of its rapid growth and very low weight-to-strength ratio. Customized computational tools were developed to design the ultra-lightweight structure, whose bespoke connections were manufactured using 3D printing technology. The structure covers more […]


Digital Metal: Deep Facade

Project Date: 2017/2018 Deep Facade explores the unique potential of 3D printing sand mould and casting metal for architecture. We combine these two fabrication methods to make the production of custom and complex structural metal parts possible and affordable. This course of the MAS Digital Fabrication is a two-month collective project to design and fabricate a 1:1 […]


The Smart Slab

The Smart Slab enhances the excellent structural properties of concrete with a radical new aesthetic enabled by the 3D-printed formwork. Innovation The pioneering construction method of the Smart Slab uses 3D-printed formwork for casting and spraying concrete in geometrically complex shapes. 3D printing overcomes the geometric limitations of traditional formwork fabrication methods. Furthermore, it enables […]