Inclusive Automation & Craftable Realities

Patrick Bedarf will be a online guest reviewer at the final presentations of the course “Inclusive Automation and Craftable Realities” at the Huckabee College of Architecture (CoA), Texas Tech University (TTU).

From the brief and an overview: 
Emerging design and construction technologies are radically changing how we envision and build our environment. While the learning objective of this research-oriented and project-based course is to develop and implement integrated computational design systems for robotic fabrication workflows, the outcome projects address how automation in design and production can be more inclusive, data-driven, and personalized. The course has both individual and group work projects. The individual assignment targets the fundamentals of computational geometry and algorithmic modeling as well as the basics of robotic toolpath generation and programming. The group assignment will be a research-oriented design-to-production project focusing on novel materialization methods. The course included two main projects:  Robotic Light Printing captured with long exposure photography and Hybrid Volumes, which is an integrated design to robotic production project. The results will be shared in the final review session as research reports, design development, and documentation, as well as one-to-one prototyping using both Additive (Concrete Robotic 3D Printing) and Subtractive (Robotic Hot-Wire Cutting) Manufacturing methods.

Patrick Bedarf | dbt