Mania Aghaei Meibodi


Mania is principle architect at meonia—Stockholm and Toronto based Architecture and Design practices. She is Senior Researcher and the board member at digital Building Technologies (dbt) at the Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich;

Her research focuses on ways of creating geometrically complex architecture based on the close interplay between computational design, digital fabrication and new materials. At DBT, she exploits the potential of additive manufacturing (AM) for designing and realising geometrically complex forms. In this context, she uses AM to fabricate mould with complex inner and outer features, which then is used to form cast concrete, aluminium and glass parts with any geometric complexity and surface detailing.

Mania studied architecture at KTH school of Architecture in Stockholm, Sweden, receiving a Master of architecture in 2008, and a Ph. D. in Architecture with specialty in Architectural Technology in 2016. She founded the Design and Making (D&M) Architectural Design studio at LTU, Sweden in 2009 and since, has been senior lecturer at KTH school of Architecture and Lulea University of Technology.