Tilt-Up Future Think 3.0 will present a series of talks focused on emerging technologies and ideas with promising applicability for the tilt-up concrete construction industry. Organized into three categories: workforce, fabrication, and concrete; the talks will be followed by a panel discussion where global experts in tilt-up design, research, engineering, and construction will discuss the potential of each idea and how it could shape tilt-up of the future. The event is designed as a focused review of these technologies.

The talk titled “Reinventing Formwork with Foam 3D Printing” presents an overview of research that combines advances in large-scale additive manufacturing and material innovation. The novel field of foam 3D printing (F3DP) allows to create intricate elements in an automated and waste-free process that can be used to cast concrete structures that use less material, are lighter, and feature added insulation performance.

More info about the event here.