Wei-Ting Chen

Wei-Ting Chen is currently a scientific collaborator at the Academy of Architecture, Università della Svizzera italiana in Mendrisio, collaborating with the Chair of Physical Chemistry of Building Materials, Institute for Building Materials, ETH Zürich. He focuses on software development, robotic & digital fabrication, and automation manufacturing for a prefabrication casting system.
He was an MAS Trainee at the Chair of Digital Building Technologies, Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA) of ETH Zurich and licensed architect from Taiwan with a strong interest in computational design, digital fabrication in architecture, and robotic fabrication. 

He obtained a five-year Bachelor of Architecture degree at Tamkang University, Taiwan. His thesis used contemporary digital design media to re-interpret historic Gothic church typologies. He was also involved in research concerning robotic 3D printing technique with nonplanar methods. 
He worked as a project designer in a consultant firm for the development of architectural detail and geometry optimization. In 2019, he worked as a research and teaching assistant at Digital & Robotic Fabrication Lab, Tamkang University, under the supervision of Prof. Chen Chen-Cheng, developing prototype systems of digital and robotic fabrication. In September 2021, he received his Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture and Digital Fabrication (MAS DFAB) from ETH Zurich. 

His research focuses on Robotic 3D Concrete printing with additive materials and multi-robotic fabrication.