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PhD Position “3D Sand Print Composites”

Photo: Demetris Shammas, Achilleas Xydis

As of January 2016, or as per agreement we offer a:

We are looking for a candidate who is interested to participate in the interdisciplinary research stream “3D Sand-print Composites” for the construction of full scale functional 3D printed building components, such as stairs or ceiling elements.

The research explores how the nearly unlimited geometric freedom of 3D Sand-printing can be combined with materials that have significantly different properties in order to expand the range of its possible architectural applications. One focus will be the investigation of hybrid constructions with Ultra-High-Performance-Concrete (UHPC) to enhance the structural performance of 3D Sand print. Lost mould construction principles are of primary interest as they allow for the integration of technical installations.

The core of the research will involve the development of advanced computational processes to design the complex geometries and inner structures of integrated building components and the exploration of new material composites. The PHD scholar is expected to develop a grammar of a detailed construction system for the design of 3D printed elements under aesthetic aspects and functional constraints.

The PHD stream will involve interdisciplinary research with material science by the group of Prof. Dr. Robert Flatt (Institute for Building Materials) and Prof. Dr. Philipp Block (Structural Design). The research will be tested and evaluated in multiple 1:1 demonstrators and eventually applied in the NCCR NEST Building project.

The PhD position (full-time) will span 3 years of research and is funded according to standard SNSF regulations.

The candidate should have an architectural degree equivalent to a master’s, corresponding to the FHEQ-Level 7. The candidate should demonstrate a high design sensibility. We expect good programming skills, as well as profound knowledge of state of the art CAD and 3D modeling software packages, experience with digital fabrication and a strong interest in material science. Fluent English language skills in both oral and written comprehension are required for this position. The candidate should have excellent communication skills and feel comfortable working in interdisciplinary teams. At the same time, a high level of initiative and the ability to work independently round up the profile.

For further information please contact Mathias Bernhard by email: or visit our website

Applications with a cover letter, a comprehensive CV, portfolio, diplomas and transcripts as well as work certificates should be submitted online to: ETH Zurich, Matthias Steiger, Human Resources, 8092 Zurich

Please submit your application before January 21st.

Application period ended